Organic Moringa Anti-Ageing Face Cream

Product Code: Anti-Ageing Face Cream
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Weight: 250 g
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Organic Moringa Anti-Ageing Face Cream

Great for all skin types.  Innova Health Nature’s Secret Anti-Aging cream with 13 powerful Ayurveda herbs slows down skin aging.  The 13 powerful Ayurveda herbs formula with Moringa Oleifera that is infused in antioxidants and nutrient rich organic 100% pure Moringa oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil that removes toxins in the skin by increasing circulation, leaving the skin glowing and feeling tighter. Fragrance Free – No artificial fragrances NO Chemicals, NO Animal Testing  Contains all-natural ingredients Full of Antioxidants and the nutrients The key to maintaining a youthful complexion is the regular removal of digestive impurities before they damage the DNA in the skin cells.  

Daily massage with Innova Health Nature’s Secret anti aging cream provides several benefits Beneficial in:  

· Acne treatment  

· Anti-aging  

· Black head remover  

· Impurities remover  

· Blemish clearing  

· Dark circles  

· Deep cleansing  

· Lightening  

· Nourishingr  

· Pore cleaner  

· Moisturiser  

· Skin revitaliser  

· Sunscreen  

· Toner  

· Whitening  

Specifications: 100ml (3.4oz) 


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