Product Code: Globules
Extra Information:
Weight: 200 g
Price: $8.99

[For Homeopathic Medicine (Non-Medicated Globules)]

What is Sugar Globules?

Sugar Globules like the name, are sugar miniature pellets for Homeopathic use.
These globules are Homeopathic Non- Medicated Sugar Globules, which means that they’re 100% medicated and chemical free. Our globules are made from 100% pure pharmacy grade and refined sugar. With the use of such superior quality of raw material, the globules are sparkling white in colour, high keeping quality/shelf life and have optimal absorption capacity that assured results.
The globules are also uniform in shape and size. 

Packaging Details : 200 grams packet in Oval window stand up pouch black with zip.

Product life: Shelf life

200 g

Sparkling White

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