....“Health is a state of balance, where many complex processes of the body work together to keep the body functioning efficiently.”
“Nutrition is the supply of food required by organisms and cells to stay alive”.
When the body is well fed and gets the food it needs and is kept clean, it copes better; and when it does not, it struggles.”….

INNOVA OZ TRADE is committed and focused on providing to consumers with a selection of goods. Our main purpose is to identify and promote innovative products worldwide. We are concerned in people’s standard of living and for this reason we are working to bring natural, organic and healthy products to improve people’s lifestyles.

Innova Oz Trade is the parent company for “Innova Health” a 100% Australian owned business. We deal predominantly with health conscious products provided by professional suppliers who are critically involved with the development process of their corresponding products.

We are providing people with the opportunity to carry out healthier lifestyles and make healthier food choices by providing superior alternatives.
One of our objectives is to provide value for money products and services across a comprehensive series of disciplines.

Being the importers of the products, this gives as some control to sell our products at a reasonable price accessible to everyone.

We have the ability to sell our products in both small and large quantities.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products as part of a wholesale agreement, you can contact our sales department via filling out the enquiry form.