•     Do you need to acquire a particular product?
  •     Would you like to trade a special product?
  •     Would you like to offer your product to a worldwide market?
We can assist you!

INNOVA OZ TRADE provides services like sourcing, buying and arranging commodities.

We meet with manufacturers and / or suppliers; perform co ordinations from sampling to dispatch, deals in Import & Export of: Health and beauty products for men & woman, unisex garments, home appliances, new and used equipment, high-tech products, home decoration, electronics, textiles, plastics, food products, agriculture, CCTV and video systems, security systems, garments, etc. from Asia, USA and Latin America.

Our Company works dealing with:
  •     Identifying potential suppliers according to client’s requirements manufacturing opportunities in Asia, USA and Latin America.
  •     Providing competitive prices.
  •     Sourcing new products or services.
  •     Identifying a manufacturer who meets your price, quality and timings.
  •     Coordinating for sampling.
  •     Meeting with manufacturers / suppliers
  •     Discussing terms, conditions, etc.
  •     Discussing buying arrangements and shipping matters making sure export packaging is as per international standards.
  •     Consolidating shipments.
  •     Optimising timing efficiency to meet deadlines for delivery.
  •     Offering your company’s product or services to the markets.
  •     Represent your products and service in the world’s wide market to provide wider exposure for continued profitable growth.
  •     If you would like more information on how we can assist you, please contact us.